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Nightmares are bleeding into her waking world. Children are going missing. To save them, she must overcome her wreck of a personal life and a closet full of skeletons. She doesn’t know whether the horrors in the shadows are real…or if she is going mad.

18-year-old Janelle Cohen is an electrician in an underground city. The world above has been swallowed by mind-destroying Dust. Her small life changes forever when a dragon attacks her on the way home from work.

Her friends worry that she has the Fever, Dust-induced insanity. A terrifying trip to the surface of the world, the ancient and abandoned Up, deepens the nightmare. With no world left above, she and the other Crows cannot afford to fail…

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So in all honesty, I got a slow start on this book, which might’ve been due to my own hectic brain, but though the book started slow for me, I’m incredibly glad I finished this book. I adore The Underlighters. This book takes City of Ember, increases the age, add the dystopian society and even mixes in some Neil Gaiman “Sandman”-like creepiness. It was wonderful. I love dystopian novels, and then, the first page mentions a dragon, I mean, where can you go wrong? The idea behind this plot is original, smart, and very very well organized.


            Janelle Cohen, main character, is incredibly well developed. This book, while painting us a dystopian style society fraught with a nightmare mystery, is also working on the idea of sexual awakening and understanding. It’s an interesting issue to face, and I thought it was really well done throughout this book. There was only one scene dealing with this sexual idea that threw me out of the plot for a second, but the author ties it in perfectly, and continues on with the story. This is an wonderful subplot.


            As for the main plot, after chapter one, I was captivated. Chapter one was slow going for me but once I got to the second one, I couldn’t put it down. I basically flew through the whole novel in my 3 hour flight. It was perfect. Mysterious, confusing in the right way, and there were clues everywhere. It’s smart and organized and detailed and it’s wonderful. I love the idea of walking nightmares, and the Dust is so imaginative and interesting, and I just kept reading because I had to know more!


            This novel is definitely one to read. It’s very well written, presents a dystopian society I haven’t met with before (and that’s saying a lot, because I have read almost every dystopian novel out there, I love them) and gives you a edge of your seat mystery to boot! I loved every minute of the novel and I didn’t want it to end, and I think there is still more the author can explore in this plot area, and I’d be willing and ready to read it when she does, because this was one outstanding book! :)

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