The Proposal by Crystal Blue (Review By Jessica)

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The Proposal (#4)
* I recieved a copy of this short story from the author for free in exchange for an honest review.*
Oh my, poor Gloria. I saw this train wreck coming. I felt surprised how fast the offer with the Downs brothers went bad. I knew they were slimy and that Jon Downs…ohhh, I wanted to punch him in the throat. What a spoiled, self righteous jerk he turned out to be. I’m glad that Gloria took the time to look within herself and try to figure out what was going on with her emotions. I finally grew to like Nathan, even though in the beginning I wasn’t that fond of him. The ending was nice, especially after all the drama that took them up to that point. The author didn’t disappoint. I like that the underlying “love story” was prevalent through the whole series, though it was easy to forget when you are reading all those super steamy scenes. I’m glad Gloria got her happily ever after AND a job she could be proud of. The story flowed smoothly, the characters stayed true to form and the overall conclusion had me smiling.
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