Secret Shopper by Tanya Taimanglo (Review By Julie)


***Review By Julie From The Nerd Girl Page***

***I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.***

Secret Shopper by Tanya Taimanglo is a captivating page turner. It is a delightfully told story about a girl from Guam, the ups and downs of her loves and family, hard endings and promising beginnings. The story is well written, fun and filled with lovable characters. The romance is chivalrous and fairly chaste which is a refreshing change from the current trend. The characters are interesting yet realistic, and readers will be rooting for Phoenix as she blossoms.

Secret Shopper is definitely a good read.

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  • Tanya Taimanglo

    Thank you, Julie and Melanie! This is a generous and wonderful review.

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