Segolia: Daughter of Prophecy by Brittany Oldroyd (Review By Amy)


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Given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

When seventeen-year-old Nissa leaves at her father’s insistence, she believes the trip to Idari will be a short one. But when she meets a young dragon exile, Edgeshifter, her life is thrown into chaos. Along with danger and mystery, Edgeshifter brings word of a legend as old as time itself. Nissa is forced into an adventure she isn’t sure she wants. With only Edgeshifter and her heart to guide her, Nissa must embark on a journey full of destiny, danger, and legend. Her quest will require her to prevail over the shadows covering the land and save both the elves and dragons from ultimate destruction.
Segolia: Daughter of Prophecy is the story of a young princess’s journey to become a true hero and follow her heart.

My Review:

It’s a unique story with lots of adventure as the character’s travel from one magical world to the next on a mission to save their races and live peacefully together and with that comes a little bit of danger because some refuse to believe in what their doing and will do whatever necessary to stop them from fulfilling the prophecy. What I enjoyed most (other the unique and fun story because that in itself was really amazing I mean dragons who can transform into elves and have special abilities.. how cool is that right???) is the names of each of the dragons and the differences between them it really made reading this book so much fun! The book has really great timing setting off events or stories that need to be told at just the right moment to keep you reeled in and coming back for more and perfect fluidity until the very end! I liked that the author mixed it up and gave us a variety of different kinds of characters we get to see dragons, elves, and even some water nymphs.. it really gives a certain kind of spark and really compliments this book well! I really liked this book a lot it kept me in a state of awe and amazement with every page I turned and I felt completely overtaken by this book like the character’s had reached out of the book and brought me into their world and made me a part of it and wouldn’t let go until they had told me their story! I will definitely be keeping my eye on this author in the future!

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