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**Review Of ARC By Sami and Tara For The Nerd Girl Page**
***ARCs received in exchange for honest reviews***


Victoria Winslow has been at odds with Drue Morgan since she was 5-years-old. Oil and water mixed better than they did. She had been in love with Drue in some form or fashion since she had been in pigtails. That was until the fateful night six years ago when he rejected her affections.

Mortified she buried her feelings and moved on with her life, or so she thought.

Coming home to settle her grandparent’s estate, she is getting under more than his skin.

She is his little brother’s best friend and off limits. He’d always expected the two of them to end up together. How would he be able to avoid her for the next month? Tempers and flesh collide. Will the grown up Tori and Drue give in to their feelings and find out where it leads or will old fears build walls that prevent them from finding true love?


I was lucky enough to receive an arc of Coming Home for a honest review.

I honestly loved Coming Home! It was so refreshing to read this book and I also can relate to being brought up by grandparents. Savanna Grey know’s real romance, heart pounding, butterflies in the stomach romance. I’m very happy that there was no violence, bullying, and wasn’t detailed in the sex scene. So I can actually enjoy talking about Coming Home to my grandma and great grandma. I know they will absolutely love this book.

Tori is a very independent women she is a editor from Chicago. She has an amazing best friend named Kevin, they grew up together. Kevin is very out going and is very funny. Kevin has an older brother name Drue and there complete opposites, Drue is always so serious, always a gentlemen and also a hard worker. Tori has been secretly in love with Drue every since she had her first pigtails. So finally at her graduation day she decided she would make move her move on Drue but sadly Drue rejected her, since she was his brother best friend and everyone thought they would end up together. So she decided to move on with her life and moved to Chicago and they avoided each other when she went back home.

Tori has to come home to handle some life changing events. What is Tori going to do her life? It’s back in Chicago. Thankfully she has support from her best friend Kevin and his family, and they are next door neighbors. His family absolutely loves Tori and considers her family since kindergarten. Will Tori’s feelings come back for Drue? Will she try to make another move at Drue?

I absolutely like how there is so much love in Tori’s life. I’m very happy that I can talk about this book to my family and friends openly and I know they will enjoy Coming Home as much as I did. So you should go out and buy Coming Home for yourself and fall in love with this book as I did.

Favorite quote:
“The Lord never gives you more than he knows you can handle.”


** I recieved an ARC of this book, in exchange for an honest review **

Ok so, I really hate leaving bad reviews, but I have to be honest, regardless of how crappy it makes me feel, so here goes…

When I first saw the synopsis for Coming Home, I instantly stuck my hand up and said, ‘Yep, that sound’s like my kind of book!” and was eagerly awaiting it to drop into my inbox, so I really am gutted that I didn’t enjoy reading it!

I was expecting a lot more angst and drama, and some of the flared tempers that are talked about in the synopsis… But really, there doesn’t seem to be any meaty conflict between any of the characters… Yes, Drue is jealous of the close friendship between his brother and Victoria, but other than a few snarky comments and a relatively small blow out about 80% into the book, none of it is really verbalized, so the rest of the characters aren’t even aware of the inner conflict!

There also seems to be a lot of narrative in relation to dialogue, and I found myself skimming through, looking for people talking to each other.

Unfortunately there wasn’t really much depth to the story, the characters were all like-able, my favourite being Kevin – Drue’s funny brother, and Torie’s best friend, but by the end I was left feeling kind of … flat.

Along with the other issues, there were a fair few spelling and grammatical mistakes, which by the end really did start to grate on me.

The plot had good standing, but with some help from an editor and possibly a few good beta readers, it could really be so much more,

Now … respective of what all I’ve said, this was still a sweet, albeit, tame romance. It was an easy read, and would probably be good for a beach or pool side read.

Obviously this review is ONLY MY OPINION, and I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of readers out there who will really enjoy Coming Home. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.

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