Doing Bizness: A Nuclear Thriller by Mary Mycio (Review By Tina)

**Review By Tina From The Nerd Girl Page**

*This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Doing Bizness:   A Nuclear Thriller is a real page turner about the collapse of the USSR and the Nuclear Disarmament Era and the aftermath.  I have a basic knowledge of this time in history as I grew up in 80’s & 90’s, but not well informed.  This novel is intense in so many ways and the Authors firsthand account and vast knowledge that come from living in the Ukraine as a journalist and reporting on this history in the making, gives to the vivid detail in the story that allow the reader to paint a picture and feel that you are right there.

This book is fiction, based on historical facts, and written so well that these intertwine and you get pulled into the story and sometimes it is impossible to separate the two.  This story is very plausible and each chapter starts you with new bulletins and then leads you into the story behind those reports.  The story starts off in the U.S. and takes you to the Ukraine where most of the story takes place and has a multi cast of characters and their stories that go off on their own and then come back together.  This story contains a dysfunctional economy, conflicts between the Ukrainian nationalists and Russians, the country’s disarmament situation, nuclear war head, and missiles, poor to nonexistent accounting and logistics, hookers with degrees in engineering, politicians, smugglers, religious churches, and crazy monks.

Although the first couple of chapters were a little slow, stick with it as it picks up and captures you interest and I have to say that the end left me wanting more…  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys and good Thriller, or a historical novel.  Five stars from me.

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