Running From the Night (Hunter’s Moon Series: Book 1) by R.J. Terrell (Review By Julie)


***Review By Julie From The Nerd Girl Page***

***I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.***

Running From The Night by R.J. Terrell is the first book in a fantasy series. This set up novel was better and more complete as a story than many series of late. Although I had a hard time getting into this novel, it was well written. This vampire story is a lot different from the other vampire stories I’ve read before. I think it will appeal more to men. Aside from being written by a man, it is written from the male main character’s point of view.

The story really picks up about half way through the book when the vampire action ramps up. I enjoyed the vampire characters significantly more than the human characters. The main character, Jelani, is the target of some powerful vampires and yet his big dilemma is which girl to pursue. He is also becoming the obsession of a 1/2 vampire named Saya. Thankfully, Saya’s interest in Jelani ends up saving his bacon more than once.

The Hunter’s Moon Series is worth the read.

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