Review – Ending ELE (ELE Series Book 5) by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckles ARC V””V

Ending Elf (Elf #5)

Melanie here aka VampireLovingDork  back  with my review of  Ending ELE which was I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of. 

Ending ELE is the fifth and final installment of the amazing YA dystopian series which has followed Willow through more than any 16 year old should have to deal with.  A roller-coaster ride of a series that has had me laughing and crying but above all always craving more.  The only good thing I can say about this being the last book is that at least this time there was no cliffhanger ending.

I wasn’t really sure where I wanted this series to end up but I should never have had any doubts with Courtney and Rebecca.  They nailed it!  Ending ELE answers all the questions you need answering without feeling like they are ticking boxes or trying to tie everything up in a nice bow. 

The characters are amazing!  It is hard to imagine how much they would have to grow from where they were at the beginning but somehow they still “feel” young.  It is my experience that in many of these YA adventures that the younger characters especially stop feeling like teenagers (or children) and never once does this happen.

For me this is a must read YA series! I am desperately hoping they heed their fan’s advice and write the Sebby spin off …. of you don’t know who that is …. you better start reading!!!


Book Is Not Available For Purchase At Time Of Review but if you have not started the series yet then book one – Project ELE  is FREE!!!

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