Joey Paul – 3 Books (Reviews By Jaime C)

Dying Thoughts-First Touch

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Tara has a secret, she can see your last moments of life just by touching something of yours. Kaolin doesn’t want anyone to know what really happened to her father. They are both about to find out that some secrets just don’t stay secret.

This was a pretty good read. I liked the story and it flowed really easy. The characters are ones I think teenagers will relate to. Joey Paul is a really good storyteller. I would definitely recommend this to my teenagers. It has a good storyline. There were a few grammar mistakes but it doesn’t take away from the story.

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Dying Thoughts-Second Sight


Now that Tara’s secret is out, she has the chance to help the police solve murders. This was a great follow up to First Touch. We learn more about Tara and Kaolin, her new best friend. The storyline was good and I liked the continuation of Tara and Kaolin’s friendship. A definite must read if you have read book one.

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Lynne & Hope


Lynne & Hope are sisters. A few years back, when Hope was 5, she was in an accident that left her paralyzed. Lynne was 15 at the time and felt forgotten because of the accident. Now Lynne is grown and working for a DNA lab and there has been a rash of murders. Testing blood samples from the scenes, Lynne is implicated and it’s up to Hope to prove her innocence.

This was a good read. I liked the story and the dynamic between the two sisters is what you would expect between siblings. It has a great lesson too, even though family can be annoying at times, you can rely on them when it really counts.

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