Libations By Penelope L’Amoreaux (Review by Rach)


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  • Libations – A collection of three erotic short stories.


    Brewing desire.. Shana is a 26 year old virgin who seems to be a bit of a lonely soul with friends who tell her to just get laid – like she wouldn’t have done that, had it have been that easy. Shana is looking for answers, and thinks ‘what the hell’, when she comes across a gypsy tent at the fair.


    Lady Vin is the gypsy with rich cocoa skin and dark curly hair, slightly crooked white teeth. Shana, being a virgin, can’t tell if she finds Lady Vin erotic and she feels lust for her or fear.


    The story really starts to pick up here and that’s where I’m going to stop telling you anymore. The story picks up its pace, picking you up and dropping you back down leaving you wanting to know more.


    Course Grind.. She (as she didn’t have a name, but it worked all the same), wanted to break up with her partner. Listing the cons of how he annoys her with his obsessive desire to try new foods,brushing his teeth for exactly 2 minutes every day and picking up her underwear she had thrown on the floor. He calls her to the kitchen making her feel like a petulant child for not getting up straight away to see what he wanted. She does eventually go to the kitchen, watching him silently working his body whilst thinking if he stayed silent, she wouldn’t need to do this breaking up. Be fair ladies I’m sure we have all thought that at some point.


    Now ask yourself how erotic can a coffee bean be? These two have an explosive chemistry resulting in angry belt slapping and hot coffee dribbling, no spoiler for the end of this one.


    Full bodied .. By far my favourite story from this book. Miranda has just got out of a 2 year relationship where she wasn’t allowed to waste money on pampering herself, so she goes out, has her hair cut and coloured, and decides the life of staying up until midnight playing board games is over. She heads to a bar where she meets handsome rugged Victor, who then takes her out for something to eat and some erotic wine drinking on his behalf. I really liked that Victor looked at her like a prize and Miranda wasn’t a typical model character but a plump lady acting all kinds of wild. Victor gives her a night to remember. The end of this story really made me smile and again I was wanting to know more but loved the simplicity of it.


    All of these 3 stories were fast paced where they needed to be, straight to the point and lots of smuttiness. They are a break from the normal and I really enjoyed reading them.


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