Trusted (Trusted, #1) by Taylor L. Stimac (Review By Shelby)


**Review By Shelby From The Nerd Girl Page**

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

When fifteen year old Tegan Summers catches the eye of local radio personality Rake Johnson, she finally feels like a normal teenage girl. Everything about their relationship feels perfect, except for the unexplained presence that makes her believe she should stay away. On the same day she meets Rake, another man makes his way into her life: Officer Damien Sanders. His mysterious and often intense warnings urge Tegan to trust him and to end her relationship with Rake. As she works to uncover Damien’s motive, she begins to realize that he may end up playing a vital role in her future. Discover what Tegan must do in TRUSTED, the debut novel by author Taylor L. Stimac. Would you trust a stranger?

Simply put, Trusted is a very sweet teenage romance. Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl is haunted by spirit warning her to stay away from boy. As with all novels there were some good parts and some not so good parts. Let’s get the not so good parts out of the way first.

Not so good:
1. There were quite a few grammatical errors in the copy of this book that I received. They weren’t huge, in your face errors that make you want to put the book down and not pick it back up (is anybody else that way?). Mostly misplaced commas and some left out words. They were small enough and far enough in between to not take away from the story but still often enough to make them worth a mention.
2. I was a little put off by the paranormal elements to this book. The early scenes with the shadow and the illuminated figure felt a little forced. They didn’t seem to flow as well as the rest of the story. Mostly, they just left me confused. They did, however, get a little better as the book progressed.
3. What was up with Officer Damien? I understand that his character served a purpose and I liked the way that he added to the plot’s creepy factor but we get little to no information about him other than the prologue. I would have liked a little more info. Why was he warning Tegan? What was it that she had to stay away from? Even a small hint would have given his character more purpose. As it was he just ended up being a super hot, super annoying extra. Also, this man was an adult…am I right? I mean, he was a police officer which to me implies adult. What was he doing chasing around a 16 year old girl claiming to love her. The fact that he was an adult and she was a child made their kissing scenes just weird to me. I felt like they were inappropriate. Again, a little back story or hint into Officer Damien’s purpose might have cleared up this confusion.

With that being said, there were A LOT of things that I DID like about Trusted. Tegan Summers is a smart, average (or so she thinks), insecure, funny 16 year old girl. The kind of girl that you wish was your best friend in high school. Rake is her not so average, slightly older teenage boyfriend. For starters, could Rake be any more perfect? He oozes confidence and sex appeal. He’s respectful, polite and charming. Not to mention, the most romantic 19 year old I’ve ever read about.
Moving on, Tegan herself was a nice surprise. It was refreshing to read about a teenager with morals and values for a change. She wasn’t promiscuous, she didn’t drink or smoke, she didn’t even use profanity. Not even once. Yet she doesn’t come across as a prude or boring. At the same time, she doesn’t make excuses for herself. She is who she is and she’s fine with that. To me, that was very cool. She didn’t want to be something that she wasn’t. Shout out to her parents whom I loved. They were just the right amount of supportive and loving but not pushovers by any means.
I should also mention that I found this book to be pretty funny in some spots. I laughed out loud when Tegan and Rake were in the truck on their first date talking about personalized name merchandise. Trust me, with a name like Shelby, I could totally relate!
And finally, (last not but definitely not least), THAT ENDING…perfect! Just when you think you know what’s going on…BAM. Now I feel like I have to read the sequel, Destined. I MUST know what happens to Tegan and Rake next and hopefully find out what the heck is going on with Officer Damien.

In the end, I ended up giving this book 4 out 5 stars (or a B if you will). It was a very fast and very easy read. I picked it up thinking that I would read the first chapter before bed and ended up halfway through it and after 3 am. This is one of the few YA books that I’ve read that I wouldn’t mind my daughter reading. Parents, if you’re looking for a good wholesome yet riveting read for your teen here’s one you can hand them without having to look over their shoulder the whole time. Or read first, if you’re anything like me. Unless you’re reading it for yourself because let’s face it, it’s pretty good. There are no sex scenes besides the occasional kissing but even that is tame and there is no profanity. Teens: If you’re looking for a good love story with a hint of the paranormal…one with girls that you can relate to (Tegan and Sara) and boys that you can swoon over (Rake!), read this book! You’ll love it.

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