All In The Name of Love by Margaret Taylor (Review By Laura)


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Adrian Hoyle is a successful lawyer in LA who spends most of her time working and spending her free time indulging herself with films starring Devon Varick, which then quite obviously leads to fantasies and dreams about the actor. But Adrian lives in reality and she knows that dreams are all she will ever have. Until a chance encounter with Devon Varick pulls her and Devon into a life of romance and danger that Hollywood wishes they had thought up.

I was excited yet hesitant to read this, I love Margaret Taylors writing, but I tend to be really hit and miss with contemporary romance. But I don’t know why I ever doubted Margaret’s ability to pull me into a whole new world and then be gutted when it’s over. This is no ordinary boy meets girl, boy likes girl, she’s hesitant and yet he wins her over anyway. Margaret creates real obstacles that test both their loyalty and commitment to each other which gives both characters so much more depth and likability. The crime element really puts the book just ahead of other contemporary romances as well, making the book that much more exciting. Having this element also makes parts of the story unpredictable which is refreshing and the parts I did find myself predicting and being correct I didn’t mind, because it felt natural to the story rather than a forced cliché.

I give this book 4 out 5 stars. Margaret kept her spot on my list of favourite authors, because she manages to pull me in and surprise me with her writing every time.


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