Money Didn’t Buy Her Love by June Kramin (Review By Tara)


**Review By Tara From The Nerd Girl Page**

**I was given this book in exchange for an honest review**
Trying to get his bearings on an unfamiliar street and not paying attention, Jeremy slams his brakes to avoid hitting the most beautiful bride he has ever seen. When Danielle climbs in his truck, he assumes she’s in a hurry to get to her wedding; he didn’t realize she was escaping one. He agrees to let her return to his apartment so she can call for help, only she refuses to leave. As the days pass, Jeremy finds it harder to fight off her passes and claims of falling in love with him. Besides having almost ten years on her, Jeremy discovers the family secret she had been trying to hide. How could the daughter of a billionaire settle for a plumber living paycheck to paycheck? Despite every tactic her father throws at her and an ex-fiancé who refuses to let her go, Dani stakes her claim to the only thing she has ever truly wanted in her life and fights to make Jeremy hers.


Ok, so I have totally mixed feelings about ‘Money didn’t buy her love’.

After the first few chapters, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like it at all.

Dani is 21 year old heiress, and in the beginning comes across as a spoilt brat, who stamps her feet, pouts, and gets drunk when she doesn’t get her way.

But what really got me was the speed and the total lack of reality of the relationship between Dani, and broke plumber, Jeremy.

In the space of 48 hours, Dani has gone from leaving her fiancé at the alter, to giving up her virginity, attempting to take Jeremy on her her honeymoon (but ending up in beautiful Maui together), to agreeing to move in together when they get home!

The relationship between Dani and Jeremy has plenty of ups and downs from the start, the majority of problems being caused by money and the differences in their social ‘class’.

The entirety of the relationship is very fast paced, from beginning to end of the story, but once Dani and Jeremy both sorted their acts out, I did start to warm to both of them, and by the end of the book, my opinion of Dani had completely changed. She was no longer the spoilt, pouting brat, but a confident and very loving young woman.

For the most part, the writing flowed smooth, the characters were well developed and the editing was pretty great.

I’m glad I persevered with Jeremy and Dani’s story, it had my teeth grinding in the beginning, but had me smiling by the end, with a good few laughs in-between.

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