Unicorn Witch by Derek White (Review By Cianna)


**Review By Cianna From The Nerd Girl Page**

Grade: A+

For the easily confused, this book might not work. You jump back and forth between two different settings for the book, especially in the beginning. It part of the plan, and stay the course, because this book is worth it! J

We see Refuge, planet like earth, inhabited by witches and various other freaking cool creatures. This is a planet I’d like to go to, it sounds like a fun place to be. The old one rescue witches, who are at risk on Earth, and bring them to Refuge to protect them; Refuge is a haven for all those who are different and not accepted on earth. This concept is so imaginative and interesting to me!

Unicorns, there are unicorns as characters in this book. It’s my childhood dream come to life in reality, or book reality. I loved this. It’s not a cheap thrill; these are well thought out unicorn characters! Who ever thought that this day would come? They are such a wonderful addition to this story.

There’s a bit of a Sherlockian element in the mystery, the illness causing people to lose their magic, and now Tyana’s on the task of figuring the whole thing. It adds a nice bit of mystery and suspense to the whole story. It’s full of twist, and it reads so easily, you don’t realize how much of the story you’ve already flown through.

Did I mention Merlin is in this book? Oh I didn’t? Like you really need another reason to pick it up!

The book blends magic, and quests, and all the wonderful things from fantasy with witches and unicorns, and then it blends in the sci fiction element with planets. It’s a wonderful read, and captures everything I love about fantasy into one, and then adds some!

This is definitely a book you buy and keep on your shelf to read over and over! It flows, it’s got a great plot, and it has unicorns. What more do you need?

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