The Debt & the Doormat by Laura Barnard (Review By Tara)


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Well, I have to say, I was pulled into the crazy world of Jazz and Poppy, from pretty much the first page of ‘The debt and the doormat’. It was light, and fun and had in me fits of laughter numerous times!

When Jazz manages to get herself into thousands of pounds of debt, she asks her best friend, Poppy for help. Poppy, being the good friend that she is, agrees to do what she can to get her best friend out of trouble.

What Poppy doesn’t bank on, is being talked into swapping lives with Jazz.

Still nursing a broken heart a year after her last relationship has ended, Poppy is leading a lacking life, and with Jazz making all the rules, things are bound to get more interesting.

The girls move into each other’s home’s – This way, Jazz can focus on getting a job, and not spending so much money, and with a trio of socialisers for house-mates, Poppy can be prised back out of her shell.


Poppy has got to be the most unlucky, accident prone person EVER, and sometimes too nice for her own good, which means lies get told… a lot. Feeling her life spiralling out of control, one lie gets told to cover another, and another, and another…

But the one person that can always see through all of Poppy’s lies, is her super-annoying, smug, arrogant and moody house-mate, Ryan. Although he’s constantly giving Poppy a hard time about her mishaps, Ryan is always there to help clear up the messes that Poppy makes.

I found myself loving, and hating Ryan as much as Poppy did. His moods blew hot and cold constantly, and I was never sure whether he was going to kiss Poppy or shut a door in her face!

I also had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Poppy too. She was a good friend, daughter and sister, but she let people just walk all over her all the time. I found myself wanting to shake her a few times! But saying that, there were times when Poppy showed her true spirit and backbone, and really blew the bitches – like Grace – out of the water, and it was great to read when she did!

‘The Debt and the Doormat’ was written well, and I could definitely see that it was edited with care. I didn’t notice any spelling mistakes, and there were few grammatical issues.

The characters were all developed well, and easy to follow. The plot was original and a breath of fresh air, with Barnard’s wit showing through on almost every page,

Although not a cliffhanger, the ending definitely has an ‘OMG’ moment and there IS a sequel in the works!

I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to read a funny, slow-building, character driven romance!

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