Stutter Creek by Ann Swann (Review By Jaime R)


*Review By Jaime R. From The Nerd Girl Page*

**Book Provided By Author In Exchange For An Honest Review**

Wow, just wow.  This little thriller had me wanting to read it all in one night then wanting to read between my fingers.

Beth retreats to the family cabin to try to find herself, her husband left her for another woman…
The *!?@#$….
Unfortunately she didn’t know there was some shady things going on at Stutter Creek. Also, she doesn’t know that someone is trying to kill her for sticking her nose into places that not need to be.
And the possible romance building with the old childhood friend….
Bad creepy guys, dead bodies, people mysteriously “being taken care of.”

This was a great great book. I would fully recommend it to all of my friends.  I hope to see and read more from Miss Swan…Kudos. It’s really really good!!! :)


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