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What is your beauty today? Mine was ‘Today Only’!


Rye Silcox is a 25 year old single mother to 10 year old Emily (Em).

Just over a year ago, Rye was sadly diagnosed with a tumour on her brain – it’s inoperable.

Rye has spent the last year living back with her mother, going through the motions, and surviving in a bubble.

Although she loves her family dearly, it’s not until she runs into Jett Conner – an old school friend- that Rye realizes she has been holding her emotions back, scared to truely love and enjoy what she has left of her life.

Becoming re-aquainted with Jet changes Rye from a woman waiting to die, to a woman in love, fighting to enjoy every day to it’s fullest.

Jett Conner is working as a physical therapist, not long out of the army.

Having lost his mother at a young age, and the trauma of losing friends on their tour of duty, Jett doesn’t know if he could cope if he lost any more loved ones.

But after one walk with Em and Rye, Jett is well and truely smitten.

Thus begins the journey of falling in love – a love that has a clock ticking against it- no matter how hard you wish or pray for a miracle.

Although most of the time, the story and writing flowed nicely, there were quite a few times that the writing would slip into past tense – just a word here or there – when the story is told in the present.

Also there a few occasions, for example, the start of Jett and Rye’s relationship, and after the convention and Vagas trip – that the story jumps forward by a few weeks, or even months. I would have loved to read more during these happy times, seeing Rye, Em and Jett enjoying each other while Rye is still reasonably ‘well’.

One of my biggest issues with ‘Today Only’ was how fast Jett fell in love with Rye. Yes, I know authors can rarely win when it comes to this topic, but for me, 24 hours is way too fast.

However, considering how sweet, thoughtful and amazing Jett is, by the end of the book, I didn’t even care that the love was so quickly paced. Rye doesn’t have the time to waste anyway!

Considering the underlying agony in the story, it’s amazing how many times I actually laughed out loud during the first 80%!

They all have their moments, but Rye, Em, Jett and Rye’s mother can all be hilarious!

On the flip side – I think I spent the last 20% of the book in tears. Not lady-like tears – no. Even the ugly cry doesn’t describe it! I couldn’t see through my tears to read, and I actually had to leave the room ’cause my kids were getting worried!

So no, you won’t get a HEA, but with ‘Today Only’ you will get so much more. It was a beautiful, thought evoking read that touched my heart, and will definitely stay with me for a while!

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