Cold Warriors (Cold Warriors #1) by Clare Dargin (Review By Laura)


**Review By Laura From The Nerd Girl Page**

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*

In a future where humans work, live and fight a war among the stars Colonel Medoro Keegan finds himself fighting more than his enemies. He finds his ship picking up more and more cryogenics and having to support more and more Cryo’s on his ship. People that were frozen years ago and are now been awakened to help with the war effort.

Caitlin Driskoll finds herself waking on a strange shape, in space years after she fell ill. Confusion consumes her and she finds herself challenging the colonel. Caitlin finds that not only is she in space, she’s seen as a ‘other’ a human living on time that was never meant to be there’s.  She stirs something in the colonel and they find themselves fighting an attraction that can’t be allowed and neither of them have the time for in the middle of a war.

I almost absolutely loved this book, almost. I really enjoyed the story, the future, the gadgets , the space ships, aliens. I live a good sci-fi story. And I loved that the inequalities, the prejudice was between the humans, not between the aliens and humans. The war was a back story to the true story which was the fight going on between the cryo’s and the ‘normal’ humans for equality. But even though that story was always there and the author never let that up I felt like it was brushed under the rug by the end. However there is a second book in the series. So I hope this book takes on the challenge, because yes this book is a love story but the plot surrounding the love story is bigger and I really enjoyed the challenge the author gave herself. So if the second book has the characters fighting for the cryo’s instead of ignoring what is going on then I will love this book, the ending to this book is the only reason I give this book four stars instead of five!

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