Alexandra Fry, Private Eye: The Curse of the Lion’s Heart by Angella Graff (Review By Pauline)

**Review By Pauline From The Nerd Girl Page*

*This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.*
A very fun mystery. This one will keep you guessing until the end, but the author did a great job of leaving subtle clues along the way. The characters are memorable and easy to relate to, and the twisty plot is top notch.

Alexandra is an outcast, who struggles to belong somewhere, but she is certifiably special and believes she’ll never find someone who accepts her as she is. She is bullied, but remains strong and true to herself, which is all that matters. I believe this excellent middle grade novel will touch young readers and give them the wherewithal to just be themselves, too. Highly Recommended, 4.5 Stars.

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