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Melanie here aka VampireLovingDork  back  with my review of  Dangerous Ally by Michelle Grey which was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

I love a good mystery book and this one is certainly that. With the number I have read too often I can solve the crime fairly early on and then half the fun is removed but not in this case.

If I hadn’t been told that this was a debut offering I would never have believed it. The writing is well executed and the story compelling mixing a great balance of crime and romance.

Every time I thought I had figured out the plot we got a new piece of information that let me know I was wrong and the answers didn’t become clear until it was all wrapping up towards the climax.

My only complaint would be that for me, there was too much story after the crime part was over. I read it because it was there but felt that a short epilogue would have satisfied be far better.

A definite recommended read for mystery lovers everywhere!


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PS.  Don’t read the teaser at the end for her next book until it is available …. TRUST ME you’ll be sorry if you do lol

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  • Emily McArtor

    Since this story was not easy to deduce what happens early on, I am excited to read this! I tend to avoid mysteries because they get to predictable for me but would love to give this a chance :) I have added it to my TBR! Thanks!

  • Samantha Loving

    doesnt sound bad but Dont think this is my kind of book.

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