Beyond the Bars by Brooke Williams (Review By Jaime R)


*Review By Jaime R. From The Nerd Girl Page*

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First of all I would like to extend my apologies for taking so long to read this. Personal life and prior promises and all. However, this 4 star book was great. A whole new whirlwind that I have not thought about a book going.

It definitely has a thrilling, horrible, heartbreaking, miracle having ride. Jonathan is a man, a father in prison who has connections to the outside world to make horrors happen…including his only brother Constantine. Who to me is a hero in this story. Bombs go off in 3 major cities threatening the lives of Jonathan’s brother, ex wife and daughter. One of them doesn’t survive…who you might have guessed already.

Then its off on a search and hunt to find one to reunite the family. The only family.

Def pick this one up. Its a pageturner Laughing

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  • Emily McArtor

    Doesn’t sound like a book up my alley, but it does sound like a book my husband would enjoy! Going to put it in his TBR so he can give it a shot! Thanks!

  • Samantha Loving

    sounds like it might be a good one:)

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