Birthrite (Legacy Series) by Max Ellendale (Review by Amy)

***Review From Amy Conley For The Nerd Girl Page***

Given a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review
Shawnee TwoFeathers has resigned from her job, has a new gift, a pact of wolves and two feral mates.. how can she decide her future while trying to keep those she loves happy or even satisfied..
When people of the community start vanishing without a trace Shawnee begins to wonder if the Andrus has returned to get revenge and cover up their exposure. When there’s no leads to follow and the missing count climbing higher human authorities and the sept have no choice but to work together to battle some unknown force thats threatening something very precious to their sept.. Can they come together in time to find the lost and missing? Can Shawnee overcome her fear and find strength to face these new challenges?

My review:
The author wasted no time getting back into the story where book one left off as the story unfolds and the plot thickens so does the intensity and the action I couldn’t tear myself away or put the book down my curiosity kept getting the better of me every time I tried to take a short break I’d find myself coming back for more and there was definitely more!!! I was not disappointed with this book it was everything I’d hoped it would be! I thought the book was very well written and had a perfect flow!
A powerful and intense story with jaw dropping surprises and action that left me gripping my seat, covering my eyes, and gasping.. my heart was racing with every scene but there’s also a beautiful romantic side that plays a huge part in the story too.
I really enjoyed reading this book not only for the powerful & adrenaline story the author presents us but because the character’s are a lot of fun (especially Xany she had me in tears laughing at her antics) and some are even mischevious but as the character’s grow they start opening up more and coming out of their protective facade and that’s when we really start to learn alot about them and some of them have quite a bit to say! I also enjoyed reading about the history of the septs and pacts between wolves and weretigers you really learn alot about them, how things work and what they can do, the bonds they form and the importance of family and honor I found it all so fascinating!
But like every good story things come to an end too fast (I’m ready to re-read it just so I can make it last longer!) and the author leaves us with just a hint of curiosity that leaves you wanting more (pure torture I tell you!!!)
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