Blade of Amber by A.M. Justice (Review by Leah)


**Review By Leah from The Nerd Girl Page**

I received this book from the author in exchange for a review!

I struggled internally with this book from the beginning!

Don’t get me wrong, the book was amazing! A.M. Justice created a hauntingly beautiful world that is complex and diverse, that rivals the world’s created by J.K. Rowling and Tamora Pierce (though A.M. Justice’s world contains more adult themes than either of those authors)! The book is beautifully written, and the characters develop wonderfully as the book goes along!
The main character is Vic, she grew up studying constantly to reach her goal of being a logkeeper! The equivalent of a historian for her people! Just as she reaches her goal she is captured by slavers and sold as a sex slave. Her new master is a despicable man who wants to break her down and make her his completely! She eventually escapes from him but is scarred emotionally.

The country that Vic escapes to, is at war with the country she escaped from. She finds a purpose here and joins the army to fight against the relmans! She meets Ashel who is the son of the rulers of Latha, he is a musical genius who just wants to love her but has to fight with her confusing feelings for her former master and his son. Vic loves Ashel but still feels connected to her former master, and wants nothing more to be rid of him forever!

The reason I said that I struggled with this book is because it is so well written that I felt that so connected to the characters that I was afraid of what would happen to them if I kept reading. I like my main female characters to be strong through and through, Vic is a strong character for th most part, but her connection to her abuser is baffling to me. It seems like a classic case of Stockholm syndrome and adapting to survive a current situation! This small weakness in Vic made it hard for me to keep reading!

All in all this was a great book, and a great read. definitely worth a read.

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