Soul Sisters by Janiera Eldridge (Review By Gladys)

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***Reviewer was given a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Book Description:

Soul Sisters is an urban fantasy novel about African-American twin sisters Ani and Dana who have a rather unique secret: one sister is human while the other is a vampire. While the sisters have lived peacefully with each other for many years one fateful night will change both their lives forever. When a drunken man tries to attack Dana (the human sister) Ani (the vampire sister) protects her sister with all of her ferocious power.

However, when the vampire’s leader Donovan finds out about the public display he calls for the sisters to be assassinated for disobedience. Ani and Dana now are in for the fight of their lives to protect each other as well as the lives of their dedicated friends who have joined them on their mission for survival. If Dana and Ani can make it through this time of uncertainty, Ani can take her new place as vampire queen. Soul Sisters is expected to be a trilogy; The book also features a multicultural cast of characters that brings a new edge of chic to the vampire world.

Gladys, the Nerd Girl’s Review:

I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I struggled with this review for a week after I read the book.  So I re-read the book again.  Twice!!!  Looking for something that would spark something so profound and earth shattering that Janiera, who I believe has become an awesome fan of Nerd Girl would thank me for.  BUT, as Melanie (Nerd Girl Vamp), knows I am not a fan of YES-MEN and people who follow the pied pipers melodic music.  NOW don’t get me wrong please.  This book isn’t bad.  I just think it lacks a few things that me myself desire in a “first in a series” book.

World building and Character development is a huge factor for me.   The concept of the book deserves depth.  It’s intriguing, it’s alluring and it’s infectious BUT it was left flat.  The whole storyline and plot was genius.  Two “sisters” who look exactly alike but are not really sisters but share a soul to allow the HUMAN (Dana) to stay immortal and the VAMPIRE (Ani) is her protector though the years.  Ani is reckless, her Master wants her “put down”, but if she dies so does Dana.  If Dana’s life is threatened it’s up to Ani to protect her.  So their plan is to get the Master….  Yes Yes Yes…  A long run on sentence but the story line although basic is filled to the brim with emotional ups and downs; bonding and a huge dose of sisterhood.  Lastly the mythology although different from the all vampire lore is compelling.  I just wish one thing for any “first in a series” books.  Give me depth, Give me world Building and give me character development.

I did enjoy this book.  I do recommend it.  It’s short and would be perfect for a palette cleanser.

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