Reclaim My Heart by Donna Fasano (Review By Amy)


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I was given a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Tyne Whitlock thought she left her past behind but when her teenage son Zachary aka “Zach” gets into some trouble Tyne has no choice but to go to Lucas SilverHawk a high powered attorney.
Lucas comes up with a plan to take Zach back to Wikweko the place where Lucas was born and raised. It’s there that Zach will learn important life lessons and becomes a better person from what he used to be. When Tyne steps back into the one place she tried to leave behind her past catches up to her and alot of memeories come pouring in and secrets come spilling out now the three of them have some catching up to do and there’s a lot they must learn about themselves and each other.

My Review:
Firstly I would like to say what an amazing job the author did on this book and I wish I could give it more than the 5 stars because it definitely deserves a higher rating! It left a huge impact on me and one that I’ll never forget! Not only is this story incredible but also the characters you watch them grow up tremendoulsy in front of your eyes! I really enjoyed this book alot it brought me smiles, laughter and on occassion some tears too but what I enjoyed most of all is the sense of family and how after some time the character’s came together and formed this incredible bond!
I also enjoyed learning the history aspect of it we get to see inside the Lenape community where Lucas grew up and what it meant to be a Silver Hawk and other cultures as well. Uncle Jasper was a really fun character to read about and he tells some fascinating stories but also stories that have a deeper meaning that you can learn alot from not only do the character’s benefit from these stories but I believe the readers can benefit, learn and grow from them as well! I like the feeling of connectedness that you get when reading this book! I found myself anxious to get started reading this book I couldnt wait to see what story lay ahead just waiting to be told.. it’s an easy book to read and lose yourself in every moment is a page turner that will have you riding an emotional roller coaster! I had a hard time putting it down! This is one author you’ll want to keep an eye on and I look forward to reading more of her books!

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