The Hungry 3 At the End of the World by Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon (Review by Chell)


*Review By Chell From The Nerd Girl Page*

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions.**

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. What can I say? Once again, I was blown away by Booth and Shannon’s writing. This entire series was extremely great and exceeded by expectations. I was actually a little nervous about this series and not sure I would like it. But, the first chapter of the first book let me know I was going to love it and I have quickly made my way through all 3 books.

This book, the last of the series, was wonderful. You have Sheriff Penny Miller, and band of misfits (as I like to call them), trying to survive the U.S. zombie apocalypse that started as a virus made by the government (meant to make super soldiers). They have already been through hell and are just trying to find somewhere to hole up for a little bit so they can recover. So, they go to a small Colorado mountain town thinking they have a couple of weeks befoer the zombies make their way that far. Of course, they run into trouble and have to deal with not only zombies (much sooner than expected), but a militia group that proves to be a more unpredictable opponent. This book had a few character losses that he me hard and a few twists that I really wasn’t expecting. When I was done reading, I was sad it was over and I am really hoping that Booth and Shannon are writing away on another book to the series.

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