Short Stories by E H James (Review By Jaime C)


*Review By Jaime C From The Nerd Girl Page*

*These stories were given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

The Red Door

Max is the new kid in town and he meets the class bully his first day at school. Like most new kids at school, he becomes a favorite of the class bullies. Instead of fights in the school yard, they want Max to go stay at the Stark house. The Stark house is the location where a serial killer brutally murdered young boys. It’s said that on a certain night in September, he reappears. Max has to go in and bring back a chip of the blood rumored to be in there.

This short story is very well written. Who knew something so short could have me on the edge of my seat! E H James is a master of building suspense in a short amount of time. This story made me want to turn on all the lights and hide under the sheets. Well done!

The Orah

Blaming herself for her mother’s death,Liz wishes she could go back and change things. Then she meets a man on a park bench who gives her a pocket watch that can make it happen.

A short, touching read. The Orah was well written and the ending was one I didn’t expect. It was a very enjoyable read. James is a great storyteller and this story was no exception.

The Fifth Floor

E H James really has talent for spinning a tale that leaves you with chills! Jeremy has taken on the job of night watchman for a hospital. Seems like your typical, boring job. Only he is working at St. Michael’s, the most haunted hospital in the country. And he is patrolling the fifth floor. James packs so much suspense into so few pages, you can’t stop reading until you reach the end and you still want more!


Very short, but very intriguing. George picks up Laura on a lonely, deserted road. Intending to give her a helping hand, he gets more than he bargained for when she just up and disappears. Continuing his journey, he happens upon a little town where he finds out that Laura, and the town, may not be what they seem.

Another great one from E H James! A short, haunting story about lost love. If James can write so much into a few short pages, imagine the possibilities!

The Visitor’s Room

Amy lives in the psych ward. She sees things, hears things. She tells herself she is imagining them. But something is not quite right, she just can’t put her finger on it.

A short, gripping read that left me guessing. E H James packs a punch in a short amount of time that leaves you wanting more. A must read author!

Beyond the Red Door

Fifty years after Max and guests are murdered by the spirit of a serial killer in the Stark House, Jesses decides to throw a party there. And to perform a mock ceremony to raise Stark, only things go horribly wrong.

A short read that builds suspense nicely. A great end to the Red Door, the characters were well written and the story well developed. Once again, James amazes at the detail that is packed into a few pages.

Realms of Darkness

In this collection of four short stories, James yet again surprises you with how much suspense can be built into such a short story.

These stories leave you a bit spooked and make you want to check under the bed and in your closet. Maybe even leave on a light. Or two. Or three.

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