CTHELVIS AND OTHERS By James Pratt (Review By Mark)


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Book Synopsis:


This collection of fifteen Lovecraft-inspired tales spans human history and genres. Ranging from high fantasy to martial arts epic to the far future, they are all linked by a common theme of the alien unknown. Among the stories’ inhabitants, you will find:

– A play so bizarre merely reading it may drive one mad.
– The dark secret of the forgotten patients locked away in the bowels of a seaside asylum.
– A desperate mission to deliver an untested weapon to the edge of the solar system.
– A martial arts tournament that will determine the fate of humanity.
– An eerie fairy tale featuring a character with a passing resemblance to a certain little yellow bear.
– And of course, the King of Rock n’ Roll.



CTHELVIS AND OTHERS is the quintessential doomsday and altered reality short story novel.  Written in the same vein as the mighty HP Lovecraft, Pratt is indeed channeling his favorite horror author icon.

This book is packed with 15 individual, masterfully written stories that are so spines tingling and horror filled that you would think you were watching it on TV.  The scenes were vivid and imaginative and exceptionally written!!

If there’s a way for the world to end this book covered it. You won’t be disappointed!

I give CTHELVIS AND OTHERS 4 stars! And can’t wait to read more!!!

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