Meetings of Chance by Darlene Deluca (Review By Amy)

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***Review From Amy  For The Nerd Girl Page***

After the death of her mom Megan Monroe is dealing with her sad and grieving father while also trying to figure out what comes next… Should she continue running the floral business that was once the essence of her mom for so long??? or does she try to jump back into things with her real estate career?? Megan has alot going on and suddenly she crosses path with the troublesome new neighbor while also stumbling upon an explosive secret from her mother’s past.
Tom Blake has fled his old life and all the publicity it brought all he wants to do now is to lie low, work on his new project and not get involved with anyone. But when he runs into the new neighbor it’s much more than he bargained for and his life has taken unexpected turn taking him down a road he wasn’t expecting to take.

My Review:
I love when an authors can deliver their readers a book so powerful, beautiful, and captivating that when reading you can lose yourself deeper and deeper into it’s pages and when you’ve finished the ending result has left you speechless and wanting more!!! That’s exactly the way I felt when reading this book! It’s a beautiful book that I enjoyed reading and getting lost in it’s pages! Every page brought out a new emotion and a deeper connection to the story and the character’s (you’ll want to have those tissues handy your going to need them! There’s a few scenes I couldn’t get through without crying!).
When I read this book I could tell the author put a lot of thought, time, and research into it! It has a beautiful flowing quality, the emotions are so perfectly portrayed, the scenes are described so beautifully and vibrantly it really gives you an idea of where the character’s are in that moment and place of the story (there’s one scene in particular the author really drew me in and I’ll always remember it as my favorite part of the book!) I also think the author wrote the romantic parts of the story between the two main character’s Megan and Tom very well it wasn’t overly done but not lacking either every moment displayed was pure perfection!
It’s a heart warming story of loss, love, secrets, trust and a strong family bond that brought the people in this story together and it will have you talking about it and sharing it with your friends and hopefully other book lovers like yourself! It’s definitely a book I would and will be recommending and I’m happy that I didn’t miss out on such an amazing and beautiful book I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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  • Rebecca Sith Lord Boyer

    A lovely review! Congrats on your book, Darlene!

    • Darlene

      Thanks so much! Remember, you can always get a sneak peek at Amazon or on my website!

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