The Storm and the Darkness (House of Crimson and Clover #2) by Sarah M. Cradit (Review By Julie)


***Review From Julie  from The Nerd Girl Page***

I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

The Storm and The Darkness by Sarah Cradit is a riveting thriller. It is well written and will keep you glued to your chair reading. The story unfolds from the perspective of each of the main characters. Each chapter gives you a little more insight into their various issues and demons they are battling. My only complaints are that the antagonist was obvious too soon in the story and, although not a stereotypical “happily-ever-after” ending, the story did wrap up a little too quickly and neatly. However, my perspective on this might be colored by not having read the first book in this series. I enjoyed the characters, the family dynamics as well as the pace of the story. I look forward to reading Ms. Cradit’s next novel.

Ana Deschanel flees to an island off the coast of Maine to avoid trouble with her family and friends in New Orleans. She encounters coldness from most of the inhabitants except for the kindly caretaker of her family’s island house. The storm that shuts off the island from contact with the rest of the world is even colder. An untimely accident forces Ana to rely on the kindness of her neighbors Jon and Finn St. Andrews. While they nurse Ana back to health, an evil force on the island presents an even greater threat.

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