Review – Shadows of the Past by E. A. Jensen V””V


**Over 18 For Sexual Content, Language and Violence**

Melanie here aka VampireLovingDork  back  with my review of  Shadows Of The Past by E. A Jensen  which was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Leaving a negative review is never fun but authors come to us asking for an honest opinion and so that is what I feel should be given and honestly if I had not agreed to read this book for review I would have put it down just a few pages in.

Often with Indie books there are typos and the odd grammatical error that a good editor could fix and usually, if the story is strong and the general writing good, then I can overlook them.  Sadly in this book this was not the case.  I even looked the author up on Amazon to see if perhaps English was a second language as the wording in places was strange and the over all  style very stilted.

The synopsis looks good, a story of supernatural creatures and the revisiting of the idea of an overall ruling council with a paranormal type section of a police force.  Unfortunately it just did not come together for me.  The spelling of “Ware” instead of “Were” for creatures especially bothered me for some reason although in the grand scheme of things there were far worse things I could be discussing (like the formatting choice to use ? in boxes instead of inverted commas?  I have to assume that this was a formatting error in translation but it certainly made it more challenging to get through).

Usually I like to try and find something positive even in the most negative reviews but in this case, other than the basic idea already mentioned from the synopsis this book gives me nothing and that upsets me.  The characters are flat and even the scenes that I am assuming are supposed to be erotic feel forced and lifeless. 

I hope that the author takes this as what it is, constructive advice on how to make the work more appealing and remember this is only my opinion and at the end of the day an honest review was what was requested and that was what I delivered, although I know no author sends out a book expecting bad things.

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