Emma vs. the Tech Guy by Lia Fairchild (Review By Amy)


***Review From Amy Conley For The Nerd Girl Page***

Emma Barton works hard at her job with the magazine company and nothing is more important to her than becoming managing editor and she has a plan in place to getting what she wants but when her boss hires a new Tech guy Emma feels uncomfortable because she’s been keeping a secret and if the new guy finds out and reports it to the boss everything she’s worked so hard for could be ruined…

My Review:
Lia Fairchild has done it again!!! Don’t take your eyes off this author her writing talent knows no limits! I’ve never had a book sweep me off my feet and take me on such an emotional roller coaster quite the way this one has done there were moments of pure laughter, gasps and jaw dropping, but the best moment of all is when I got to the ending and my heart just soared! You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and beautiful ending! I had tears of joy overflowing in my eyes I felt like I was sharing in the character’s moment of happiness! This story is so captivating and touching it really pulls on your heart-strings! I started and finished it in one sitting never putting it down it was just too good and each time I thought about stopping I just couldn’t do it.. I said to myself just one more page because I know something great is about to happen on the next page and I have to find out what it is I can’t miss it! And I’m really glad I didn’t stop reading when I wanted to because this one scene in chapter 23 BLEW ME AWAY!! It was totally unexpected and I didn’t even see it coming! (kudos to the author on keeping your readers hooked and then dropping that HUGE SHOCKER in their laps!! LOL) I kept turning the pages on my kindle wanting more when I realized I already finished the book!! It’s definitely a book worth reading and one that I will forever be recommending… It’s entertaining and enjoyable and has something for everyone even a guy could read and fall in love with this book too! You really couldn’t have asked for a better book or a more perfect and fun set of characters! It’s a story about friendships, love, secrets, and learning to open up and trust people for the first time!

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