Amidst Traffic by Michel Sauret – (Review By Ruby)


Amidst Traffic

**Review By Ruby From The Nerd Girl Page**

*This Book Was Given To Me In Exchange For An Honest Review*

This is a beautifully written collection of short stories. Usually short stories upset me. I always want more, I want to know what happens next and what happened before. And yet as I was plucked from one characters life and hurled into another I never felt annoyed at the change of scenery, only eager to look around. Each new story is carefully connected to the one before it by an invisible thread that weaves through out all the stories, linking it all together. I felt more as though I were reading a novel about ‘life’ from multiple view points than a collection of things.

Occasionally I felt as though I’d been swept up by the butterfly effect as I read these stories. Or that I was some far away observer of human life. As you read you are glimpsing flashes of the good and the bad in people, our mistakes and our triumphs, the mundane and the extraordinary all at once. Sometimes this made me sad, sometimes it made me think and sometimes I just could not stop laughing!

In Amidst traffic you get to see the beauty and the hardship that is living through the eyes of more characters than I could count and I enjoyed every single second of it!

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