Lexia (The Deadwood Hunter, #1) by Rachel M. Raithby (Review By Amy)


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Lexia thought she was normal little does she know she’s anything but and her world is about to change forever..

Lincoln has spent his entire life moving place to place on the run seeking revenge…

After sneaking out to attend a party Lexia never expected to be attacked by vampires much less to be able to kill them by herself with her own hands now she finds herself not being able to escape the events that happened on that night and having to pretend everything is fine around her friends and family.. And then she meets Lincoln “Linc” and she is drawn to him so badly and everything comes crashing down around them and secrets come spilling out.. Their lives are about to be forever changed…

My Review:
The book had an exciting start but about halfway through it lost it’s direction a little bit we go from reading how Lexia isn’t what she appears to be and all these non explainable things start happening to her she has super human strength and rapid healing which leaves you wondering just what the heck is going on and thats where things seem to be put on hold as it switches to another part of the story where Lexia is confronted by a black panther who wants to fight and kill her..
For me the book was at its best near the end that’s where things pick up again and all heck breaks loose lots of delicious action going on .. by this point we’ve learned Lexia is a halfing and a hunter she was made to destroy mankind not save them, her mom who Lexia thought left her and her dad at a young age is back and wants to take Lexia away and use her as a killing machine, and the biggest shocker of all is when the hunters that are after Lexia hurt her panther he shifts and Lexia finds out who he really is (OMG you will never believe who it is!!! total jaw dropping moment)
I enjoyed the mystery the author presented us with in this book and the adrenaline pumping, kick butt scenes (that was AWESOME!!! Lexia is a kick a** fighter!!!) and the ending had me in tears I wasn’t ready to see one of the main characters die.. (better have the tissues handy for that one!!)
There were a few places in the book that could use improvement but overall it’s a good book…

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