Finding Monsters by Liss Thomas (Review By Emily – YA Reviewer)


** Review By Emily from The Nerd Girl Page**

Emily here, the YA reviewer from Nerd Girl.  I give YA reviews from a real YA reader.  Here is  my review of  Finding Monsters by Liss Thomas which I was given in exchange for an honest review.

The monsters in this novel were different in a really good way. The author mixed love, adventure, and a little sadness creating the perfect storyline for just about everybody.

            The first half of the book was hard for me to keep reading without stopping. It required a lot of concentration and left me with some questions – which were luckily answered later in the book so I am really glad I stuck with it.

            The second half was a much faster, easier read, which made me want to do nothing but keep the book in my hand so I could  see what happened . At one point the book had me in tears and yet I had to keep reading!

            This book has a little something for everyone and I would personally suggest it to both boys AND girls because it’s not just a sappy romance novel. This novel is great for someone who wants something other than a predictable read.

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