Revealing Hamilton (JackRabbit7 Series) by Sarah Jayne Carr (Review By Amy)


***Review From Amy Conley For The Nerd Girl Page***

In the prequel “pRevealing Hamilton” we get a small glimpse of Amelia Hamilton’s life and what she’s been through but get ready because book one “Revealing Hamilton” is going to blow you away.
After losing her job at Ellie’s Diner Amelia goes home early and catches her boyfriend Connor and her best friend Kyra in bed together not waiting around for an explanation Amelia gets in her truck and flies out of there on her way her truck breaks down and she’s stranded in a snowstorm causing her to seek the first shelter she finds which turns out to be a motel while there she comes across a stranger named Max who claims to know about her father with nowhere else to go and no one to turn to Amelia follows Max home. The more time passes the more secrets start to unravel and Amelia learns that everyone and everything she’s ever known isn’t what it appears to and time is running short …

My Review:
Another amazing book from Sarah Jayne Carr she really knows how to draw her readers in and keep them HOOKED until the very end.. and what an ending it was!!! I was left with my jaw dropped in shock when I finally collected myself all I could think was OMG this book is really AWESOME!! It has that “what if” & “could it be” factor that really gets your mind to thinking about things that happens. The writing is so good it really feels surreal like it’s happening to you and not the characters and you may experience chills running up and down your arms!
I really enjoyed reading this book you can easily lose yourself amongst the characters and their stories within the pages!

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