Wolfs Paradox by Margaret Taylor (Review By Laura)


Wolfs Paradox- Margaret Taylor

***Review From Laura From The Nerd Girl Page ***

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Kathy is a writer, but her stories aren’t all down to her own imagination. Her characters come to her and tell her their stories. She never knows who or what will turn up and how long they will be staying for. But they always leave, except Ronon, the first stranger to end up in Kathy’s world and who has not yet left. Kathy obviously has a gift, one she has never understood and hasn’t questioned often, because who would she ask without sounding crazy? But with the arrival of a new character with a strange request the truth of who she is comes to light.

I liked the originality of this story, I am reading another book by this author and that story is refreshingly new to me too. The pace never lets up in this book and I found myself finishing it in one sitting. The only part of this story I did not completely like (I did not dislike though) is the main character, the book is written from her point of view and she clarified everything or had a sarcastic comment or rhetorical question and I found her annoying. What’s bad about that is she reminded me of me, it was like being in my own head!

This short story was original and definitely worth a read. And I did enjoy spending time with Kathy because she was confident in herself and her world. She did not take crap from anyone and even though she didn’t know where her gift came from, she owned it giving me another female lead that doesn’t sit back and enjoy the ride, Kathy took control and didn’t hide in the shadows.

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