Beware The Wolf (A Falling Novel) by Laura Prior (Review By Laura)


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This book picks up exactly where the first one left off and throws you straight in with the action and Jasmine deciding to stay wherever it is she sent herself to, so she does not have to go home and face the awkward situation that is her love life. After killing a bunch of demons she makes some new werewolf friends with a story of a prophecy, could Jasmine be who they’ve been waiting for? She believes she is there for a reason, she just doesn’t know what that reason is.

This story is a lot more action packed than the first one and the beautiful thing? It’s the girls kicking some serious ass throughout. Laura really knows how to write a strong female lead that is relatable. The guys really take a back seat in this book with Jasmine doing all the heavy lifting throughout when it comes to being the protector.

This book did not grip me the same way the first one did, however I do need the third book now. Please. Thanks. The beginning and the end had me hooked, it just slowed a little in the middle too much for me, I preferred the pace of the first book. That does not mean I do not love this world and I would like more books so I can return to it. Jasmine may be half angel but she is one of the most human characters I have read.

Hopefully the third book will give me some answers I greatly need, because again with the ending Laura? You’re killing me here!

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  • Emilia

    Sounds like a great series. I’m going to add it to my TBR. Thanks :)

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