The Vampires of Soldiers Cove by Jessica Macintyre (Review By Laura)



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Rachel is 24 and a recluse, she has heard voices for years now and her life has become about her little home and attempting to stay sane. One night she is approached by two strangers, does she want the ultimate gift? Not just that off mortality but the ability to understand and control the voices she hears? The answer is a no brainer for Rachel. Once she is a vampire and Gavin, her creator and her guardian informs her she was created for a purpose, to stop a banished vampire from their Sanctuary who is intent on destroying humans and anyone who gets in his way.

Rachel must learn to master her abilities, her urges for human blood, the feelings she has for Gavin whilst also watching her back from those in the group who do not agree with her conversion at such a vital time.

I wanted to love this book, it had some of my favourite things; Vampires, peril, swords and a relationship. But there was just something off about Rachel, her character development just felt unnatural for me. For someone who has spent half her life hiding and trying to not hear the voices in her head, she adjusts awfully quickly to being around people and although I love sarcasm, Rachel’s sarcasm and attitude felt out of character for the person I was introduced to.

I liked the story and the book definitely has some original aspects which is refreshing in such a popular genre right now. The male lead Gavin is also a breath of fresh air too, every girl loves a bad boy, treat them mean keep them keen hasn’t stuck around for nothing.  Jessica manages to create a character who is badass just because he’s a vampire and wicked quick with a sword, but she doesn’t fall into the trap of thinking that means he has to be broody, sarcastic and a player. The nice guy gets to shine in this story instead of been put in the friend zone.

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