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Melanie here aka VampireLovingDork  back  with my review of  Insight (Book One In The Insight Series) by Jamie MaGee which I was given in exchange for an honest review.

Hmmmmm where to start with this one.  Let me say the story idea is amazing.  The author obviously lives and breathes her worlds and characters and the ideas are a great mix of well known mythology / astrology with a unique twist taking you somewhere new.

The main problem I had with this is that for me, as a YA, it was too long.  Now for some people that will be a wonderful thing but I felt that sometimes the author got a little lost wandering in her world and some of the more pertinent information occasionally got a little lost in conversion.

The characters are strong and the worlds are believable but a few of the connections felt a little forced for me (although I am sure many others will disagree).  As a debut novel I will say this author has a myriad of ideas that the world hasn’t had the opportunity to experience yet and this is a wonderful thing but I feel that the writing style hasn’t quite come into its own yet.  Now there are several other books already out in this series so I am only judging on this initial offering so perhaps as the series continues, as often happens, the author will find her stride.  I certainly hope this is the case.

Regardless of what I say this book  this book is an absolute STEAL right now being almost 700 pages for FREE!!! Pick it up just to have in your collection and just take a look to see what YOU think.  How can you go wrong at that price???


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