Falling For an Angel by Laura Prior (Review By Laura)


**Review By Laura from The Nerd Girl Page**

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Falling For an Angel

Jasmine is in her final year of high school, she’s getting ready to graduate if she manages to stay out of trouble. Jasmine’s life has royally sucked, and to cope she’s turned to drink and drugs. When a stranger keeps popping up warning her to sort her life out she just shrugs him off as a stalker. Until he comes to her rescue and suddenly Jasmines life is about angels and demons. She goes from running from her personal demons to running from actual demons.

I really liked this book, I have been waiting for a good angel story for a while and Laura really delivered.  Jasmine is believable, relatable and a survivor. At any point she could have just given up hope and given in to her abuse of drugs and alcohol but she didn’t, she powered on through and that’s before her world was turned upside down by Angels. Jasmine is vulnerable and insecure and the relationship with her Guardian develops naturally as they both fight to keep Jasmine alive at the same time as trying to figure out their new roles in each other’s lives. Zach, her guardian angel is well, let’s just say I’m grateful I have the second book next to my bed. He’s a warrior angel and not used to being someone’s guardian, you instantly find yourself attracted to him but you don’t trust him. Laura introduces you to him along with Jasmine and you build your trust with her learning as she does.  The quotes at the beginning of every chapter pull you in and the dynamic between Jasmine and Zach keeps you turning the pages. The story never feels stilted or stuck and I didn’t find my thoughts wandering or wondering why this scene or chapter was necessary. If anything there wasn’t enough J.

I am so grateful I have the second book, Laura you really know how to end a book don’t you? If I didn’t have the second I would hate you, just a little!

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