Faire Eve by Catherine Stovall (Review By Amy)


***Guest Review From Amy Conley from The Nerd Girl Page***

Eve was raised to not see the magic of her world to close her eyes and mind to it.. for as long as she can remember her and her parents have always vacationed in New York and this time is no different. As Eve gets older and is in the “teen years” the magic tries to re-awaken itself within her but her over-protective mom makes it difficult. It’s on their annual trip to New York that things start happening and secrets unfold Eve learns that she is part human/part fey and she is heir to a throne in a magical world! The people of Trig Na nOg needs Eve to take her place as Queen and help them fight the darkness that threatens their home if Eve can’t save them they will die and their world will be lost forever.

My Review:
When I discovered this book I knew I had to read it right away! I love the fantasy genre and anything to do with faire’s and magical creatures. I wasn’t disappointed with this book at all it was everything I hoped it would be and so much more!! It’s a fun and adventurous read that will keep you excited one moment and on the edge next!
What I love about this book is the beautiful details of each new place Eve discovers and the fascinating characters within it. You’ll meet Faire’s, Unicorns, Witches, and Dragons (Oh my! LOL) but they all have their own story to be told and it’s all so beautifully blended and written at the right times! Sometimes when you’re given a mixture of characters and each have their own story to be told things can get confusing or the storyline is lost but I didn’t feel like that happened with this book everything flowed so perfectly together it’s a easy and very beautiful read! I would definitely recommend this to readers!

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