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Greetings from the Nerd Girl:

Welcome to all my new peeps to!  To my Nerd Herd veterans, you already know that THIS has been a dream of mine to help indie authors promote and get their groove on!  I have partnered with my Best Friend, Korie and a few of the best in my circle of friends to bring this company to life!  I have always brought my bookies, misc valued information; free Kindle and Nook Reads; free swag information; held contests when my personal collection has gotten so huge my floors were buckling AND much more!  Now I am doing even more to help indie authors & the loves of books written BY indie authors!!!!

My team started with Korie and Myself as an idea while chatting about the Comic Book store we plan on opening one day.  Then I added my best eFriend, Melanie; my little one, Nicole; my Sea Lion Book’s intern, Miranda; and Mel’s partner from, Jamie Cross.  We just recently added Mark Weiss (aka the Other Guy, cuz ironically he is the other GUY cuz my partner Korie is the Big Guy) to the team.

In just the first 2 weeks we skyrocketed to have over 1,500 likes on the Facebook Fanpage, over 810 new friends on my new Facebook Page and 499 followers on Twitter! That’s an awesome feeling. I couldn’t have done it though without my awesome, core team.

I also plan on adding an Executive Assistant to Korie and Myself who will work twitter/tumbler/Instagram and help to build a database of all the independent authors, Bloggers/Reviewers and other industry professionals. We plan on making a Indie Pink pages with the information found on their websites.  (Disclosure: any information provided to us in private will not be used in the directory and will remain property of Nerd Girl Official. Another PDF document I plan on providing is my free swag info. I have collected signed bookplates, flyers and bookmarks from various authors just by sending a SASE to the address provided on the author’s website. Authors like Anne Rice, Sherrilyn Kenyon and many more.  If there are indie authors that give away signed swag if their fan sends them SASE, let me know as I would love to share that with our Nerd Herd!  Please send information like that to

Since our birth 14 days ago, we have also added more blog reviewers!  Welcome to our team:

  • Nika Johnson
  • Laura Russel
  • Leah Brooke Deacon
  • Lauren Dootsen
  • Kanie Radalyc

They will be reviewing up to 2 or more books for us a month. Thanks for helping and for joining our team.For review requests, please forward them to Melanie at as she logs your request into a database and then posts in a private group for the reviewers, I choose.  If you have a particular reviewer you would like, please express your request but we don’t guarantee the reviewers availability.Korie, Mel and I are also being interviewed for a couple of sites, looking into more features to spread the word about Nerd Girl and of course working on our YouTube page! Any Indie authors that have signings in the MD, DC, VA, DE and PA area please let us know as we would love to televise your event!A lot of things are happening on the Fanpage to include the 1000 likes giveaway! One amazing one for the fans with two separate prizes AND one for the indie authors too!!!



In closing..I want to thank you, my family for liking Nerd Girl! I want to thank my truly amazing staff and I want to especially thank my partner Korie for believing in me!
One Love
The saga continues…
Nerd Girls Rock
And all that,

Gladys, the Nerd Girl (Mama G)


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